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Whether you have been dreaming of entering the medical field since childhood, or looking to stabilize your career path, Oak Cliff Works is the right place to start. The Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce is the only chamber offering a workforce development program in this region. Knowing this, we serve with pride and honor.

A New Mindset

It is our desire that every student embrace their talents, believe in themselves, and the ability to change their lives with a stable career.

Medical Experts

Onsite clinical hours with our partners at Methodist Health Systems ensure student  competence. 

Confirm Eligibility

Talk with our staff today so that we can see if you qualify for the free 26 week training program. We will walk you through the full details of the enrollment process.

Professional Growth

With full confidence, we provide soft skills training for our students. Self awareness, patience, and balanced growth are expected. 

Hands-On Training

We are prepared to provide more than just paperwork and materials. Whether breakout sessions, or facilitation, we plan to bring out the best in your experience.

Guidance Provided

We walk along side our students post graduation, to ensure a successful transition into the workforce with our partners.

Ready To Begin Your Career In Healthcare?

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