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Student FAQs

Please see below some of our frequently asked questions for Oak Cliff Works.

Question: "What is the purpose of the Oak Cliff Works program?"

Answer: Oak Cliff Works is a workforce development program that targets individuals who are low to moderate income and looking for a career in healthcare.  Through its partnership with the City of Dallas, Dallas residents can participate in this initiative and receive free trainings and ultimately placement with one of the biggest healthcare employers in the Southern Sector, Methodist Health Systems.

Question: "Is the training program only for the healthcare industry?"

Answer: Currently the Oak Cliff Works partnerships are with the healthcare industry. Yet, there are plans in the near future to expand to offer training programs to multiple industries for our students to gain access to career opportunities.

Question: "Is the training only in the classroom setting?"

Answer: Oak Cliff Works has partnered with the local Dallas Colleges and Methodist Health Systems to provide hands-on training. Additionally, the hospital has schedule clinical training that allows for practical application.

Question: "Do students have to pay tuition to enter the program?"

Answer: Oak Cliff Works provides this our 26-week training program free to students enrolled. 

Question: "How long has the Oak Cliff Works program been in existence?"

Answer: Oak Cliff Works has been in existence for over 5 years.

Question: "How do students get the opportunity to find employment after training?"

Answer: Oak Cliff Works and its partners at Methodist Health Systems will conduct interviews with the enrolled students to plan for this potential transition.

Question: "Who can I speak with if I have challenges during my enrollment?"

Answer: Oak Cliff Works has Empowerment Coaches who work closely with our students to support them through their challenges and to ensure they focus on the goals and objectives. 

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