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Oak Cliff Works is a program that is focused on City of Dallas residents who are unemployed or underemployed who are seeking a career in healthcare.  The goal is to help these individuals cycle out of poverty and change the trajectory of not only their lives, but of their families.  This unique program accomplishes this by walking along side each participant to assist them with overcoming obstacles that would normally hinder them from success through Empowerment Coaching.  Not only are the students armed with the needed tools to graduate, but are supported while seeking, securing, and maintaining employment.



Oak Cliff Works mission is to connect individuals with resources and employment opportunities to achieve living wage careers.

Image by Rusty Watson

Oak Cliff Works Is a workforce training program focused on historically under-served populations in the southern sector. “Oak Cliff Works services populations deserted by pathways to middle-skills job training, traditional apprenticeship programs, and career pathways. It’s a desperate situation that calls for strong action. We realized there needed to be more focused efforts on connecting workers with the job training programs they need to bridge their middle skills gap, thus opening career pathways previously unavailable to them,” said Kiyundra Jones, president of Oak Cliff Empowered, Inc. and the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce.

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